Thanks for spreading the word of Parabo!

To find your refer a friend code:

On the app:

Tap on "more" at the bottom, right-hand side of the app, then tap on "Refer a Friend."  Copy the code or click on the social links to share!

To customize your code: click 'tap to edit your code'. Refer a friend codes must be 6 digits, and can include letters and numbers. 

On the web:

Head to the Refer a Friend page. Make sure you're logged into your account (or you can login on the top right). Scroll down to find your Refer a Friend code. Copy the code or share via the social links.

Refer a friend codes on the web cannot be customized.

How it Works:

For every friend that you refer, you both get $10 in credit once their order is received.  (It must be your friend's first order.)

Referral credit does not apply to shipping, gift cards, or Book Club.

Note: Web and app accounts are not synced. If you share your code from the app, your credits will be on your app only, and if you share your code from the web, your credits will be on the web only.