You may see this message when uploading your photos:

This can happen when you attempt to upload an image that is too large in size for our site to process. We're so sorry for the inconvenience!

Here are steps you can follow to get your image(s) to upload:

  1. Make sure your image is in JPG format.
  2. Resize your image.
    1. If you're a Mac user...
      1. Open up your image in Preview.
      2. Go to Tools > Adjust Size...
      3. Enter a smaller number as the width. We recommend subtracting by at least 10. The image height will automatically decrease.
      4. Increase the resolution. We recommend at least 150 for small prints and 300 for large prints.
      5. Click OK. The changes in image size will be saved.
    2. If you're on a PC...
      1. Open your image in Paint.
      2. Click the "Resize" button.
      3. Enter a smaller value in the Horizontal field. We recommend subtracting by at least 10. Click OK.
      4. Drag your canvas edges to fit the resized image. There should be no extra white space.
      5. Save the image in JPG format.

If you have any questions or would like assistance resizing your images, please send us an email at