If your status says "uploading," your photos have not been transferred to our server yet.  (We can't print your photos until they are.)

Most of the time this happens when you closed out of the app or website too early, or you have higher quality photos that need some extra time to upload.

Be sure you have a good wi-fi connection (6-10 mbps upload speed is good). If you're on the app, tap "more" on the bottom menu bar, and tap "Orders." Tap the order with the status of "uploading" and your upload should resume. Double check to make sure you have the latest version. Updating the app usually does the trick with uploading issues. 


If you can't see an order in your orders, then you'll need to place your order again.  Be sure to email us so we can cancel any pending orders.

If you don't see the prompt to upload or experience any other issues try closing out the app and then re-opening.  If that still doesn't do the trick, email us and we'll cancel your pending order(s) and have you try again fresh.