Here's how to hang your print with your wood rails in a few simple steps. All you need is a nail or Command Hook to hang the finished product on the wall by its string.

First, lay your print on the floor or flat surface. There are two parts to the rails you received: the top and bottom. Each has two slats that are held together with magnets. Detach the top and bottom pieces, leaving you with 4 separate slats. Make sure to keep the pairs separated.

Lay down the top portion of the rails (with the string) with the magnets facing up. Next, place the top of the print onto the rail piece, lining up the top of the print with the top of the slat. Then, sandwich the print by placing the pairing wood slat on top. Be sure to line up the magnets and they'll snap together to hold the print.

Repeat these steps to attach the bottom rails to the bottom of the print and it's ready to hang!