2021 calendars on our statement-making 3x4’ Engineer Prints. Choose from three templates, featuring between 1 and 12 of your photos. Order on its own or pair with a set of wood rails for easy hanging, then enjoy your beautiful and functional artwork all year long.

  • Print measures 3 feet by 4 feet, so it’s easy to see your big plans and favorite photos at a glance
  • Printed on extra-light 20 lb. paper
  • All calendars are for the 2021 calendar year - you cannot choose the date range
  • Pairs perfectly with our Wood Poster Rails or Skeleton Clips
  • Choose from three template design options - featuring up to 12 of your favorite photos
  • Be sure to use the biggest file-size you’ve got to avoid pixelation. We recommend original files, not Instagrams.

Template choices:

  • Single Photo
    • Photo size: 34"x22.5"
  • Three Photos
    • Photo size: 11"
  • Twelve Photos
    • Photo size: 4.85"

Available to order on https://www.parabo.press/engineer-print-calendar